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  • New applications once installed show up in the "My Own" or "My Installations" folder
  • Make a new ad-hoc network: Tools -> Settings -> Connection -> Access Points -> Options -> New Access Point
  • Manually assigning an IP address to the phone: Tools -> Settings -> Connection -> Access Points -> (Choose your ad-hoc ap) -> Options -> Advanced Settings -> IP4 Phone IP Address
  • You will need to register the phone to the CSE network if you wish to communicate with department machines. Getting the WLAN MAC address requires the codes listed below.
  • If the Nokia phone is running as a Bluetooth client, it has to do a device inquiry, it does not support connecting to a known service on a known device. This is a limitation of the implementation of JavaME on the phones, but should work in Symbian.
  • JavaME apps cannot run as a background process. They can be put into the background through a PushRegistry command that essentially stops them. They can then be restarted via a timer or incoming network process. True background apps can only be done in Symbian.
  • If you don't have a SIM, and the phone beeps are irritating, you can personalize the Offline profile to turn off sounds.
  • You will also need a SIM if you wish to update phone firmware.


These codes enable you to retrieve information about the phone and perform special functions.

Most Nokia phones support these:

  • *#06# - Displays phone's IMEI (Serial) number.
  • *#0000# - Displays phone's current firmware version.
  • *#2820# - Displays phone's bluetooth MAC address.
  • *#7370# - Resets phone to factory settings. You lose all data. To authorize, use: 12345.
  • *#7780# - Resets the phone to factory settings. You will NOT lose data. To authorize, use: 12345.
  • *#62209526# - Displays your phone’s WLAN MAC address.
  • Phone reset - Turn off phone. Hold # + 3 + Call and turn on phone.

If your phone has a T-Mobile SIM:

  • #999# - Displays the account's balance.
  • #686# - Displays the account's phone number.
  • *TOGO - Customer service.
  • *ADD - Add minutes.
  • 123 - Voicemail.

Lock Codes

The default lock code is: 1 2 3 4 5. Note that if this code is changed and lost the phone essentially becomes worthless, you can reset the phone via the code above. However, while the phone will reset to factory settings it will not unlock. It just boots up to the lock screen and won't proceed any further.

There is a serious interface fault with the Nokia security code prompt. When you set a new lock code the combination is always 5-digits long, even though the prompt will allow you to enter more than 5-digits. No hashing is done, the code is simply saved as the first 5-digits entered. If you enter less than 5 digits the prompt won't accept your new code.

When the phone is locked and you're trying to unlock it, again, you can enter as many characters you want. However, instead of using only the first 5 digits, any combination than isn't 5 digits in length is automatically rejected as if the password was incorrect. So if you set the password to 123456, it would accept the password as entered, however, it would only unlock if you entered 12345.