Attaching a GPS unit to an MSB

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IMPORTANT: This method is only applicable to systems without an LSB attached. If you wish to use an LSB and a GPS unit simultaneously, see Attaching a GPS unit to an LSB. Using this method with an LSB will result in neither the LSB or the GPS unit working.

This information is specific to the GPS module we're using, but can be adapted to other GPS modules.

Attach five wires to the MSB as shown. The red wire can be connected to any or all of R6, R7, or R48, all on the side away from the button. Cut a GPS cable in half. Splice the wires from the MSB with the GPS wires as shown.


GPS Pinout

Pin Description
1 Enable
3 RX
4 TX

MSB Pinout

Pin Description
R48 Pad VCC
P2/2 GND
P2/3 RX
P2/4 TX
P1/3 Enable