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Python on Symbian gives you access to hardware while still offering relatively easy development.

Java (NetBeans)

NetBeans is generally easier than Eclipse, but Eclipse is Nokia's "standard tool". Install the following tools (in order).

If you haven't used NetBeans or done J2ME, try the following:

  • Press F11 to build the application. The console will display the location of the .jar file you want. Once you've built find the jar, and use Nokia Application Installer (in Nokia PC Suite, Install Applications) to move it to the phone.

Java (Eclipse)

Most people use Eclipse and it's the Nokia standard. That said, the SDK seems to be crash prone. Install the tools below in order.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • If emulation works, you should check to see if Eclipse is using Java 1.4 to compile. If known working apps aren't working on the phone, it's most likely the wrong compiler. (Window > Preferences > Java > Compiler > Compiler compliance level should be 1.4)
  • If deployment isn't working, you probably updated the Nokia PC Suite. Uninstall the entire PC suite and all Nokia connectivity drivers. Firmware updates seem to be OK, but unless you have a reason to update firmware, stay away.
  • Make sure you hit the refresh button before you generate the new JAD/JAR files, or you may get stale files sent to the phone.

C++ (Carbide)

While you can build your own toolchain, Carbide.c++ is much easier and more stable.

Symbian tends to be a pain, so these will help you get started:

  • The Carbide.c++ tutorial is in Help-> Getting Started-> First Application Example.
  • If you want on device debugging, you need €299 to pay for the developer edition of Carbide.
  • The (very slow) emulator may look like an emulator, but it isn't. The phone will behave differently.
  • To deploy an app, change the build type in Carbide to "Deploy (release)", then double click HelloWorld/sis/HelloWorld.sis to install
  • If you get security errors on phone, Go into Menu: Tools: App Mgr. Then select Options: Settings. Make sure software installation is "All".