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lsb-test is a program that lets you exercise the various functions of the MSB, including reporting sensor data. IPC publishing must be enabled on the lsb-server for lsb-test to work. lsb-test was written by Dirk Hähnel of Intel Research Seattle.


    Typical Usage

      lsb-test -show-gyro -show-magnetometer -show-power

    Available Commands

      lsb-test supports the following switch commands:
      -led <color> <on/off>       set led with color 'blue, green, or red' to value 'on' or 'off'
      -lightshow                  start LED test
      -reset                      reset LSB
      -show-power                 show power messages
      -show-gyro                  show gyro readings
      -show-magnetometer          show magnetometer readings
      -show-stream                show data stream statistics
      -show-uart                  show pass-through UART bytes received
      -state <state>              sets state, which can be 'cease', 'start', 'query-led', 'query-schedule', 'query-calib', or 'reconnect'