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cam-server is a program that captures an image using an OV9650 CMOS camera attached to the LSB. Images are captured once a second and compressed using JPEG, using a quality setting of 80 (using the IJG's algorithm to modify the quantization tables, adjustable in the source), and then sent over shared memory to logger and/or cam-net-stream application.

/dev/camera must exist and point to the ov9650 driver for cam-server to work. To create /dev/camera, insmod ov9650.ko, cat /proc/devices to see which major device number it was assigned, and mknod /dev/camera c <major number> 0.

The time the image is captured is stored as a suggested file name in a comment in the JPEG data stream. The file name is <number of milliseconds since the UNIX epoch>.jpg.


    Command line format

      cam-server has no options.