Assembling an ASSIST unit

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To assemble an ASSIST unit:

  1. It not already done, flash an MSB.
  2. It not already done, flash an LSB.
  3. If not already done, flash an iMote2.
  4. Attach a GPS connector to the LSB.
  5. Solder a male battery connector onto one of the battery terminals of the LSB.
  6. Splice a female battery connector onto the battery wires.
  7. Attach the MSB and LSB to the iMote2.
  8. Place the MSB/LSB/iMote2 combo into an ASSIST box.
  9. Place the GPS unit into the box and connect it.
  10. Attach an OV9650 camera to a camera adapter board. It should connect to the side with two pads for a resistor.
  11. Insert a ribbon cable to the connector on the other side of the camera adapter board.
  12. Insert the other end of the ribbon cable into the LSB camera connector.
  13. Carefully bend the ribbon cable such that the camera will sit in its proper place.
  14. Place the camera.
  15. Attach the battery to the LSB, and place it in the box.
  16. Put the ASSIST box back cover on, and screw it shut.